Exploring the Underwater World Through Photography:

underwater photographer Xanthe RivettXanthe Rivett’s passion has always been to educate people about the underwater world through her conservation, communication and underwater photography work.  Her focus in underwater photography in Australia – capturing Australia’s coastline underwater seascapes, marine habitats and marine wildlife.

Xanthe is an underwater photographer based in Cairns, Australia. Her passion for the ocean and nature has been a driving force behind her work to capture the character, beauty and stories of the underwater world.  Xanthe captures both still and moving imagery using Canon digital SLR’s and Aquatica underwater housings.

On this website you can view Xanthe’s underwater image library, purchase art prints, learn about underwater photography and some of the marine wildlife and habitats Xanthe has encountered, including some of the people who do incredible work supporting our oceans.

Xanthe’s photography and filmography has appeared in Sport Diving (USA), Dive Log, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, The Cruising Helmsman, X-Ray Magazine and many other publications.  Her clients have included: Australian National Maritime Museum,  Australian Marine Conservation Society, Silentworld Foundation, Pew Environment Group, UNESCO, IUCN and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Xanthe has also conducted education, communication, conservation and photography work with the White Whale Research Foundation, Protect Our Coral Sea Campaign, Australian Marine Conservation Society and in 2015 will be offering education courses as part of the Reef Magic (Great Barrier Reef) Marine Education programs.


Underwater images of the Great Barrier Reef xanthe-rivett-underwater-photography-art-printsNature Photography Workshop





Why Underwater Photography?

I started my journey into underwater photography when I was a kid snorkeling the piers of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.  There was so much that was hidden beneath the water line and so few people actually seeing it!  While everyone walked overhead on the pier, only getting a glimpse of the marine life by what the fisherman’s buckets held, simply by putting a mask on and placing our faces in the water we were getting to see a whole other world.”

Underwater photography gives Xanthe the opportunity to share with the world the marine environment and tell stories from beneath the water line.

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Want to get started in Underwater Photography?

If you are keen to start learning more about underwater photography then check out our getting started series which includes (the very obvious) getting started with underwater photography, how to take underwater photos, basic settings for underwater photography and more.



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